Health needs to be thought about differently these days.


Your size and what you look like don’t matter. It matters how food is impacting your life. Where’s your head at? And your stomach? And your heart?
— Christy Harrison
Break away from the pressures of perfectionism and the search for status, and embrace what it truly means to be free. To be an individual.
— Folk Rebellion
Restricting, over-exercising & blindly following society’s food rules is not the path to better health. What are you ignoring inside of you?
— Krista Murias
When you start taking care and feeding yourself properly, you feel better. You come home to your body. It’s like a domino effect in your entire life.
— Haley Goodrich

What I Do

I’m here because I simply care. I care so much about you, the way you feel inside your mind and body, and how you live your life. It’s about time we start living free from the numbers, pressure, comparisons, diets, cleanses and rigidity that health is so centered around nowadays. Through an honest and vulnerable lens, I’ll help you learn to practice self-compassion, accept your body, and rely on your intuition for how you should eat, move, and simply live your life. You’ll find my blog posts and health coaching flow through these 3 lenses:



Food shouldn’t be feared nor harmful, but rather nourishment for you to live your best life, physically and mentally. Focusing on feelings and real ingredients rather than numeric values and calories is what I believe in. The foods that are best for your body, gut and mind won’t not be the same as everyone else. So, I’m here to help you find the right ones to make you feel energized, happy, and free from digestive distress, restriction and punishment. You’ll find recipes, ideas, product reviews, gut health info, grocery navigation, eating disorder honesty, and much more.



These bodies that we were born into weren’t created to be punished, shamed, nor compared. No quantitative number from a scale or clothing size can put a value on you. You’re a human being, not a human vision, so how you feel inside your body is what matters. I’ll help you think about your body differently in a society where unrealistic standards and harmful language have been spread by media and diet culture. I’m here to spread the importance of self-compassion for so many, including myself, who struggle(d) with body image, eating disorders, and confidence.



It’s all connected — health is much more than just food and exercise. You can eat avocados and go to the gym as much as you want, but your mental and emotional health are the last, and biggest, piece of your puzzle. Health is intertwined with happiness. Taking care of yourself means allowing yourself to be you, feel emotions, connect with others, and accept who you are. Your mind, body, and soul are truly are intertwined, so I’m here to help you learn how to find harmony through all the ups and downs. If you don’t take care of yourself, where are you going to live?


I’m Eliza…

lover of real food, wellness, and self-discovery

This comes last for a reason - because this page is about you, not me. BUT… I suppose we can get to know me now! I’m a 20 something free-spirit newly living in NYC. My simple pleasures include fuzzy blankets, dark chocolate and popcorn, cool weather, a daily sweat, Whole Foods, the outdoors, and quality time with others.

In college, I played DI tennis and studied journalism, but I ultimately realized I wasn’t fulfilled while pursuing that career and life track. I knew there was more in life for me to experience and pursue my passions through after my history with health, and the corporate life wasn’t it.

After graduating college, I enrolled in the Institute of Integrative Nutrition (IIN) to become a Holistic Health Coach to help and work with others to improve their health and know themselves on a deeper level. Health is multidimensional: it’s food, movement, mental health, relationships, emotional health, body image perception, media consumption, and more. I’m more determined than ever to spread the this idea of health, and help you discover who you are and what you require to live happy and free.

If you want to learn my detailed story where I’ll share everything about my eating disorder, digestive issues, mental health history, autoimmune disorder, and learning of the importance of self-love and bio-individuality, then I’d click here. My story is the reason for all my coaching, inspiration, and experience with holistic health.