I’m Eliza…..

lover of real food, wellness, and self discovery

I’m a 20 something free-spirit living in NYC, passionate about bringing our health into a more realistic, vulnerable, and holistic light. Food, movement, and wellness are in my core, so I’m here to connect, educate, and guide others.

What brings me happiness? A daily sweat, Fuzzy blankets, dark chocolate, popcorn, cool weather, Whole Foods, the outdoors, and quality time with others. Some words that describe me? Wise, compassionate, athletic, independent, curious, creative, down to earth, and adventurous.

As someone who’s very aware and observant of people and their patterns (hello, Communication major/Sociology minor!), I notice that our culture is afraid of struggle, failure, and asking for help. Personally, I’ve dealt with an disordered eating, years of digestive issues, body image conflict, IBS, anxiety, SIBO, and hypothyroidism. For awhile, I always felt like there was something wrong with who I was. What no one told me? Health isn’t linear. It’s all connected. It’s manageable. It’s human. It might not be perfect, but it gets better. I learned that looking at health through a holistic lens is the key to your happiness.

Once I started to turn inwards heal everything, my quality of life skyrocketed: I was more happy, free, and passionate than ever. The right food and nourishment was the first big step to healing, but the mindset was just as important. I started to embrace and understand my emotional, physical, and mental wellbeing. Self-compassion and self-discovery have changed my life, so I’m here to help you change yours.