I’m Eliza…..

your Holistic health coach, friend, confidant, passionate foodie, and intuitive wellness lover.

Far from your average, but still so relatable. I’ve always been one to beat to my own drum, particularly because I’m a firm believer that you can’t pour from an empty cup. Your health and happiness are the foundation of your life.

What do I love? Real food, self-discovery, compassion, cool weather, intimate convos, the outdoors, fuzzy blankets, and moving my body. What don’t I love? Humidity, big crowds, diet culture, body shaming, and seeing people struggle.

I graduated from Villanova University with a B.A. in Communication, where I played 3 years of Division I tennis and worked at SoulCycle. I planned to work in news and journalism for years, but I knew a. But a distaste for corporate lifestyle combined with personal experiences and a passion to help others led me to health coaching and nutrition, wanting to change the way we think about health, from a look to a feeling.

It’s been a wild ride. An eating disorder at 13 years old sparked unhealthy habits with food and exercise for years. Soon to follow, digestive issues, thyroid imbalances, body image trouble, and anxiety made their way into my life. I got all of this (mostly) under control by eventually looking at my health and diet through a more holistic lens. Everything is connected. From there, I began to live a life feeling happier, stronger, and more free from physical and mental burdens. If any of these feels relatable to you, you can read my detailed story here.

Instead of working from the outside in, she began to see how much her life changed when working from the inside out.

My 10 year journey has finally culminated into a website, brand, passion to help others, and transition into health coaching.

just girl trying to change the world of health, helping one beautiful human at a time. So let’s be teammates, and make that beautiful human…you!