we all start as strangers, so let’s change that.

I’m Eliza

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I don’t like labels, but if I could give myself a few for the sake of your attention span!? Free Spirit. Empath. Adventurer. Athlete. Rebel. Pioneer. Entrepreneur. Health Coach. Healer. Human Being.

I spent my life growing up, living & later attending college in the ‘burbs of Philly. I studied communication & sociology, played DI tennis for 3 years, studied abroad in London & worked for SoulCycle my senior year. For now, my address is in NYC, as I work to piece together the puzzle that is post-grad life & grow my business. I’m a down to earth girl at heart that loves exploration, so I’d love to eventually experience life out west!

I like to live vicariously through myself. Translation for the perplexed? I like to live life on my own terms. Not in a selfish way, but in a self-aware way. I know who I am, I know what I need & I know what I want to do (hello, Aries personality). The answer?

An empath, healer & entrepreneur that’s here to spread freedom by rewriting the story of health & happiness.

Passionate about bringing our health into a more realistic, vulnerable & holistic light, I chose the path less traveled after college: the unpredictable one. I had multiple internships in newsrooms preparing for a job in journalism, but ultimately followed my heart during my senior year and pursued holistic & functional health & nutrition.

It’s easy to get comfortable in a major, interview for a handful of jobs, land one after graduation & earn a stable salary. However, I didn’t want to spend my most formative years climbing a ladder, living to impress others, nor sleepwalking through life without making an impact on those who need it. As an independent, resilient & mature college graduate, my gut was telling me that this was the answer.

My experiences in the last 10 years became my story, my story became my identity, my identity became my passion & my passion become my purpose. After years of personal experiences with an eating disorder, endless gut issues, an autoimmune disease, anxiety, body image & IBS, I found out what it meant to be human. I value health & happiness as the foundations of life, because things can feel pretty impossible & overwhelming without them.

FAVORITE FEELINGS: taking ski boots off, the release from a deep breath, an open Sunday, a post-workout endorphin rush, the first bite of an omelette, hitting a tennis ball in the sweet spot, not having to set an alarm, helping people feel good

FAVORITE MOMENTS: the first sip of ice cold water after a workout, cancelled plans (guilty as charged), clipping into a SoulCycle class, frozen dark chocolate melting in your mouth, getting into bed after a hot shower, putting warm clothes on from the dryer, driving on open roads, biking downhill

FAVORITE THINGS: 65 degree weather, Whole Foods, fuzzy blankets, huskies, a daily sweat, bonfires, backpacking, Megaformer pilates, skiing, quality time with friends & family, watching sports, lululemon, sweetgreen, sweet potatoes