Nix the Numbers

Numbers – they’re everywhere. Grades, calories eaten, weight, sizes, miles run, calories burned, likes, comments, followers, sexual partners, boyfriends, carbs, acceptance rates, income, GPA, and number of friends. The list tirelessly goes on.

I used to be a numbers gal. I obsessed over calories eaten. I worried about my GPA. I hovered over the scale. I dreamed to get XX followers on Instagram. I obsessed with the time. I lit up with over 150 likes on Facebook. I tracked my calories burned. I questioned my clothing size. I stalked college acceptance rates. I calculated miles ran daily and weekly. I thought about how many friends I needed to have. I just tracked, and tracked, and tracked.

All things in life should be less about a number, and more about a feeling. How do you feel after that hour long run aside from the fact that you just ran 5+ miles? How do those pants feel on you even though they’re not the size you thought you were? How do you feel after that breakfast, lunch, snack, or dinner of yours even though, yes, each one contains calories, carbs, fats, proteins, sodium, and sugars? How do you feel with your significant other aside from it being your sixth relationship? How do you feel after that spin class aside rather than just doing it to burn hundreds of calories? How do you feel about your GPA aside from the fact that it’s an impressive 3.92? How do you feel when you’re with one friend instead of seven? If you don’t feel good, secure, confident, happy, accomplished, satisfied, or fulfilled, then it’s time to reconsider why you’re doing what you’re doing.

When you do things based off of the feelings they give you, you start to understand why you do the things you do. You start to realize that you run, study, exercise, eat, write, flirt, laugh, love, converse and more because each one makes you feel good, which is ultimately what life is all about. You should never need a number to validate a feeling. If it feels right, it is right.

When we get so dangerously caught up in the quantitative, we forget about the qualitative aspects that hide behind the numbers. We hide the insecurities, doubt, fear, compulsivity, anxiety, and sadness that these actions and numbers may give us. Get in front of the number, push it aside, and remember that it will never define you. What WILL define you is how you live your life based on the feelings you get from these actions every day. Start eating, exercising, laughing, working, posting, loving, and existing as if there were no numbers to quantify your enjoyment and success.